Do wireless earbuds deliver better sound quality?

Wireless earphones have evolved and we now find some feature rich variants with a great sound quality as well. Wired and wireless earphones all have their own pros and cons which all have come across. Wireless earphones, with the freedom from the chords, are undeniably convenient. That being said there are a few downsides as well. So you are often left to choose based on the parameters that you value the most- convenience, durability, sound quality, cost and more. 

How Does Best Wireless Earbuds Work

As soon as you turn on your wireless earphones, Bluetooth earphones, and turn the Bluetooth on the desired gadget on, an instant connection is established. The paring takes a few quick steps for the first time and then once paired the connectivity is established without the slightest delay. While this is all you see externally, there is so much more happening inside. The transceiver units on the device being connected and the wireless earphone connect and communicate with each other.

When we say wireless earphones we focus mainly on Bluetooth earphones but there are some IR (infra-red) versions as well. When a pair of wireless earphones is connected the device compresses the sound to be delivered and then the compressed data is transmitted over the wireless channel that is established when the devices are paired. The digital compression done would depend on the wireless technology being incorporated.

The wireless technology being used

Bluetooth technologies have grown and we now have version 4 used in most of the devices. Lower the Bluetooth version, higher the compression being done. With wireless earphones, the need for compression is dropped. So the sound quality is better. But there are many wired earphones that sound bad and many wireless earphones that deliver stunning sound quality as well.

When it comes to the sound quality delivered by a pair of wireless earphones it is all about the compression technology being adopted and this, in turn, would depend on the wireless technology version. The latest advancements in Bluetooth technology have kept the compression woes in priority and have evolved in a way that these could be avoided. With aptX codec enhancing the sound compression in A2DP listening to stereo output is possible even with wireless earphones. And due to these improvements aptX has been known to enhance the sound quality of wireless earphones to a great deal. Not all devices support this codec, however.

When you listen to audio through wired earphones then you might not notice any delays. But wireless earphones are known to show slight delays which often go unnoticed. These latency issues would be addressed by the use of aptX codec.

The wireless technology being used on the earphones alone would not be enough. The device should also bear the latest version in order to obtain the pristine sound output. With outdated earphones resulting in poor compression quality, too much of compression, even the best earphones might not be able to reproduce a great sound quality.

The range considerations

When we talk about the quality of sound with wireless earphones the range should also be taken into account. Every type of wireless technology has a standard range. The range would be the maximum distance up to which the wireless earphones and the device could be separated. Most wireless earphones work pretty well when you are close to the device transmitting the sound. And there are some highend wireless earphones that can sound good even when you are close to the end of the maximum range. But this is the place where signal drops are prone to occur. This is a limitation of wireless technology that we have learned to live with. After all, even when you use wired earphones you would still be restricted from moving because of the chord. But with wireless, you could move around anywhere within the range.

Interferences cannot be avoided

There are various devices using wireless technology these days, for communication. The radio frequency channel that is being used for communication by the surrounding devices would be responsible for the presence of interferences. Given that the free band of wireless frequency is used by most of the wireless devices used at home there is a high chance of interference. So most of the trusted wireless earphones come with filters to identify and filter out surrounding interferences and noise. The sensitivity might be high enough to amplify the lowest notes but the filters would be tuned so as to handle unrecognized interferences. Even after this, there are minor grains in noise that are prone to occur sometimes.

Cost factor

The major difference comes with the cost. We cannot say that all wireless earphones are expensive. But if you would like a great sounding pair of wired earphones you would be paying less than what you pay for a great sounding pair of wireless earphones. After all, a simple wired 3.5mm jack connection is cheaper to create than a wireless pair with the transmitter. The cost of the transmitter is what adds to the cost of the earphones.

What do you Need from Earbuds?

The purpose of choosing the earphones would also talk about the features that you really need on the best wireless earbuds being chosen. Sound quality is often a relative concept. To those who are looking for a pair of earphones to make calls when they are outside the sound quality of wireless earphones would be the audio clarity in the calls. It would also be the sensitivity of the mic that helps the person on the other side hear the conversation better. To those who are avid music listeners listening to music outdoor might demand a sense of freedom from chords and the clarity in the notes at a higher volume. In such cases, small interferences or noise causing minor glitches in the sound might often go unnoticed in the surrounding noise. And for such users, a pair of earphones that can provide isolation from the outside noise would be a great choice. If you are a looking for an all-around pair that can work everywhere and can deliver a reliable sound quality you should definitely go for a highend model to avoid disappointments. So when we talk about sound quality wired and wireless earphones both have their hits and misses in this segment.  check out this article of the best wireless earbuds for running, many of which offer a built-in microphone for phone.

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