If you want to interview a band, your first step is to learn the basics about the band. What’s their most recent album? Have they been in any notable publications or interviews? Do they have a YouTube channel with any particularly popular videos? What about social media – how many followers do they have on Facebook and Twitter, what kind of content does they post, etc?

Preparing Your Interview Questions

Next, come up with a format and questions for your own podcast and be sure you can execute it.

Make sure you’re doing more than just asking open-ended questions that give bands an opportunity to talk about themselves

Getting them to Talk to You

How do you get a band to agree to an interview? Every band is busy and most don’t have time to spare.

What I would do is request an interview through the contact form on the band’s website. If you don’t have one, create one. That’s how most bands request interviews. It’s the standard format for publicizing an interview.