Music journalism is an art. The content will be written by music journalists who are passionate about the subject and will help readers to learn, seek, and find the music they like. Music journalists are essentially critics who listen to music and write articles on it; but unlike movie or theatre critics, they do not review the music itself rather they point out its relevance in the society.

What is Music Journalism?

Music journalism is a type of journalism that deals with issues related to popular music.

Journalists typically write for print publications or online music journals, and cover topics like independent or underground music, film scores, classical music, jazz, pop music, and other related topics.

The Many Topics of Music Journalism

There are also sub-categories of music journalism covering specific genres of music. For example, many journalists are knowledgeable about the genre of heavy metal or country music due to their popularity. Music critics who specialize in specific genres are known as “music reviewers” instead of “music journalists”.