Digital music is a form of digital audio recording medium that stores audio files for playback on a computer or portable music player. Most commonly, a modern day digital music consumer uses a personal computer or mobile device to listen to their purchased or streamed music collection.

Know the Terms

Digital music also refers to the process of transferring these files into a computer storage medium. The term ‘digital music’ is often used synonymously with ‘digital audio’.

However, it can also denote higher resolution formats such as digital video, digital photography and other non-audio applications of digitized electronic media.

The Myth Debunked

One of the biggest myths about digital music is that it’s free. And this myth has persisted for years, based on two premises. The first is that there are no physical files involved, and therefore no storage costs for storing or shipping any products; and secondly, that there are no printing costs associated with producing the music discs. The truth is that digital music does cost money to produce, and people do pay for it.