The way we read music notes was not random. There is a logic behind it, and if you understand that logic, you’ll be able to learn and play music much faster. It all starts with the musical staff: five horizontal lines of different heights.

Basics of Reading Music Notes

What does each clef on the music note tells us?

  • The clef symbol on top of each line tells us what note to play on each line.
  • The treble clef tells us which line plays the higher notes and which plays lower ones.
  • The bass clef, on the other hand, tells us which lines play the more important notes and which play the less important ones.

Of course, knowing the purpose of each clef isn’t going to cut. The next thing to do is to see how they are played in the actual instrument.

Getting some Practice

If you are not used to playing musical instrument or starting out, it is ideal to get an instructor who can guide you along the way.